Assess and Rationalize Information Technology Infrastructure to reduce costs and improve profitability.


Whether your business needs a complete solution or just has a need to buy Information Technology hardware/software, Network Runners, Inc. (NRI) Enterprise to Desk Top solutions will assist you in evaluating your needs. We will present to you customized technology solutions that are scalable, cost effective, and state-of-the-art that will overall reduce your compute foot print and increase agility.

  • Turn-key Solutions; Enterprise to Desk Top
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Networks and Storage Right-sizing
  • Virtualization and Cloud Solutions
  • Network/Systems Administration and Management
  • Monitoring, COOP, Backup, and Disaster Recovery
  • VAR Services for hardware and software solutions
  • Facilities Management


Get more from your Information Technology spend with a smarter data driven approach that empowers your decision makers.


Network Runners, Inc. is continually progressing to bring clients the most advanced support solutions available. Our engineers keep abreast of both changing business requirements and technological advances. This is why Network Runners can offer unmatched Data and Information Management, customer care and support solutions. We respect your existing network, which simply means that our engineers will not arrive at your site with the intention of starting over. We understand every client has different needs and will work with you and your existing system/software to find the best possible (and cost-efficient) solution.

  • Document Management and Collaboration
  • Metrics and Dashboard Design
  • Monitoring, COOP, Backup, and Disaster Recovery
  • Big Data Storage Administration and Management
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Cloud Computing solutions (incl SaaS & IaaS)


We support human capital, human resources, strategic communications, web development, and other key support services.


Creating a solid network takes more than simply buying computers, connecting them and keeping them running.

Today, there are business issues of file sharing, resource management, data integrity, backup procedures and network security that need to be addressed before your network can run effectively, efficiently, and secure. Network Runners, Inc. has extensive experience and tools to provide our clients with high-level network design services.

  • Strategic Messaging and Communications
  • Business Analysis and Risk Management
  • Senior Leadership Analytic and Executive Assist Support
  • Senior Leader and Manager Training/Seminars
  • Planning and Execution of Outreach Programs
  • Web Development, Monitoring, Content Management
  • Manpower and Human Resources Services and Analysis
  • Graphics and Presentation Services


Experience that Streamlines your Information Technology Governance to increase its effectiveness.


Create information strategy, architecture and governance that help drive insightful and efficient technology-enabled business solutions.


Get more from your Information Technology capabilities by using a smarter approach. Put your focus towards your business objectives and we will handle the rest. Our expert Information Technology Strategy and Operations team of professionals comes with real-world operations experience and innovative thinking to ensure you get the competitive edge.

  • Simplify Information Technology Management
  • Information Technology Policy and Governance Strategies
  • Information Technology Process Optimization (ITIL, COBIT)
  • Information Technology Change Management
  • Agile and Scrum Technique Implementation
  • Architecture Alignment