Founded as a going concern in 2009, and led by innovative technical leaders Manoj and Preeti Bhatia, Network Runners, Inc. has grown an exceptional leadership team and has built an equally exceptional team of highly qualified professionals and subject matter experts servicing clients across the country.  Network Runners, Inc. leadership is energetic, enthusiastic, agile and innovative.  They, and the entire Network Runners, Inc. team, are driven by a desire to provide tangible value while making the clients mission their own.  Network Runners, Inc.’s leadership understands that Technology is a critical enabler for clients to achieve their goals, however they define them.  That is exactly why Network Runners Inc. choose the watch words: “Converting Technology into Assets”.

As a Technology Services provider, Network Runners, Inc.’s seasoned staff experience covers nearly all major aspects of the information technology domain that Network Runners, Inc. has divided into three “Competency Pillars.”  To offer clients the option of one-stop technology services, Network Runners, Inc. provides both Professional Staff Services and Value Added Retailer (VAR) Services for their infrastructure needs.  Network Runners, Inc.’s industry relationships mirror the quality of its own internal staff.  Our industry partners are viewed as extensions of Network Runners, Inc. in supporting our clients, or our partner’s clients, as circumstances dictate.  They include some of the largest and well known integrator and service provider companies, and many of the best known and most innovative hardware and software providers.

In 2011 Network Runners, Inc. became a technology company “with a twist” by adding the fourth “Competency Pillar of Organizational Support.”  This allows Network Runners, Inc. to offer clients the synergies that exist between their Information Technology requirements and the processes they support including: strategic communications, human capital (both Human Resources and Manpower), senior analysis, web and social media, senior training, and graphics, administration and executive assistant support services.

The team of winners
Chief Executive Officer

Offering more than 15 years of professional operations and management experience, Preeti leads the company and Project operations for Network Runners, Inc. Her experience excels in strengths including leadership, management, and relationships resulting in unsurpassed performance and ethical business practices.


Manoj Bhatia has seen a lot of change to the industry in his 20+ years of IT experience. He has personally managed projects providing IT support to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, USDA, Bell Atlantic, Kaiser Permanente, as well as several other non-profit organizations and commercial clients. Manoj’s strengths include extensive experience in IT Infrastructures, Data Centers, Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Operating Systems, Email Systems, Web Systems, Databases and Application Development, and Cloud Computing.

Director Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Frank is responsible to the CEO and President for all aspects of developing strategies, building relationships, and identifying and pursing new business opportunities. He has also been a successful business operations manager at Booz Allen and at NRI serving a wide variety of uniformed and civil clients. His thought leadership and extensive background in the Federal market space, and specifically DoD and DoN, make him a valued member of the NRI team.

Strategy & Business Development

Vivek Gupta has 25 years of leadership experience across multiple industries and disciplines supporting executive leadership in small to mid-level companies strategize for rapid growth, sustainability and eventually competitive advantage. At Network Runners, his role includes; Executive leadership and advisory role to the CEO and President of the company for long term investments, initiatives and ROI, Establish a new vertical focused on emerging technologies that are shaping strategic and operational transformations in Public Sector, Align strategic initiatives with technology vendors in support of their go-to-market strategy and leverage internal resources to accelerate organic growth and industry alliances to identify inorganic growth opportunities.

Preeti Bhatia
Chief Executive Officer

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know all of my team. Their expert knowledge continuously puts me at ease. Our final products consistently exceed my expectations.

Manoj Bhatia

Exceptional leaders and an exceptional team providing client mission focused services that surpass expectations through efficient, high quality, on time, and low risk solution delivery.