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Network Management

How well is your network being managed?

Creating a solid network takes more than simply buying computers, connecting them and keeping them running.

There are issues of file sharing, resource management, data integrity, backup procedures and network security that need to be addressed before your network can run effectively and efficiently. Network Runners, Inc. has extensive experience providing high-level network design services.

What we do...

We assist companies in the design and implementation of reliable, cost-effective network architectures, from small local-area networks for businesses to high-traffic wide-area networks. We also provide ongoing network support for a wide variety of local and wide area networks, based on Cisco, Juniper, Sonicwall, or other technologies. From the optimization of network routing to the maintenance of virtual private networks, we help companies develop and use their network infrastructure effectively.

Why we are different...

Network Runners, Inc is continually progressing to bring you the most advanced support solutions available. Our engineers keep abreast of both changing business requirements and technological advances. This is why Network Runners can offer unmatched customer care and support solutions. We respect your existing network, which simply means that our engineers will not arrive at your site with the intention of starting over. We will understand your needs and work with you and your existing system and software to find the best possible solution.

We can offer turn key solutions, or we can take over the management of your existing infrastructure to maximize your existing assets.