We will present to you customized technology solutions that are scalable, cost effective, and state-of-the-art that will overall reduce your compute foot print and increase agility.

Empower the Citizen Data Scientist –
Self Service Data Analytics Platform

Think about how much you’ll benefit from having the flexibility to prepare, blend, enhance, and break down data from any source, as well as operationalize analytic models with ease. Network Runners gives you a self-service analytics platform that addresses needs of the citizen data scientist, analyst, and information worker all at once for effortless collaboration. It’s simple to find the relevant data and the entire spectrum of processes, including data integration, quality, and cleansing. We are proud to provide unmatched value, flexibility, capability, and collaboration with the whole of the analytics process. Contact us today to learn how our self-service data analytics platform can help you.

ZERO Trust – Network Cloaking – Transport Access Control

The Transport Access Control (TAC) program from Network Runner gives you access to a groundbreaking security technology called First Packet Authentication. Your organization will be fully protected from discovery and unauthorized access. TAC uses identity authentication at the network transport layer, and policy enforcements and security controls can include cloud, SDN, and IIoT environments. Cloud access control with discovery protection is provided on a per TCP/IP session basis, meaning the user’s identity must be authenticated before TCP/IP session establishment can proceed. Learn more about how TAC can help your business by contacting us today.

Network Security Policy Orchestration:
(SOAR) Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

Network Runners’ Network Security Policy Orchestration Suite allows you to automate firewall, policy, and application changes. This program maintains centralized management across the IT infrastructure, allowing organizations to eliminate human error, increase control with one console, and drastically reduce the time it takes to make network changes. We help with end-to-end change processes for environments with multiple vendors, like AWS or Cisco. We’re able to achieve continuous compliance with automated audit trails for compliance prep and the proactive identification and resolution of policy violations. Contact us today to discover all the benefits of our Network Policy Orchestration Suite.

Ultimate Access Complete Command of Data – Here. Now. Rapid Data Transfer/Rapid Data Access

You no longer have to decide whether to move data or leverage data in-place without first moving it thanks to our Rapid Data Transfer/Rapid Data Access solution. This service, coupled with O&M and integration services, provides unimagined innovations in business processes and infrastructure. Industry-standard access controls protect your information, and large amounts of data can be moved quickly and safely. You’ll experience more reliable and predictable performance for application uses including data migration, business continuity, and big data analytics. Learn more about this incredible new technology by contacting us today.

Future of Enterprise Access Networks –
Passive Optical LAN

Picture a faster, more cost-effective, more adaptable network than your standard copper-based infrastructure. Our Optical LAN works around distance, power, and heat dispersion requirements of copper. You’ll discover better performance and efficiency, as well as increased security. Passive Optical Lan is fiber-based and exceeds mission-critical needs. It’s often used in civilian and defense agencies in their push toward network modernization. Optical Lan provides an affordable and sustainable way to achieve digital transformation. Discover how Optical LAN can move your business forward by contacting us today.